Glutathione with Vitamin E and C

Glutathione with Vitamin E and C

Glutathione with Vitamin E and C

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What is Glutathione with Vitamin E and C?

Vitamins A, C, and E in Glutathione with Vitamin E and C act as antioxidants and as free radical scavengers in biological systems. Glutathione is involved in several reactions in vitamin metabolism and also plays an important role in cell membrane protection against lipid peroxidation by free radicals.

Ingredients & Benefits:

Guta-Y - Patented Glutathione.
Vitamin C - Helps to enchance the activity of glutathione and also and antioxidant that inhibits melanin production.
Vitamin E
Kiwi Extract - Has anti-inflammatory effect that helps fights and clears acne; also useful in controlling sebum (oil) production of the skin.
Probiotics - Increases the absorption of glutathione and other ingredients.
Elastin - Helps maintains skin elasticity.

Dosage and Indication of taking Glutathione with Vitamin E and C.

* You can take 1-4 capsules of Dr. Vita Glutathione everyday. It can be the in the morning or evening, before or after meal. But if you're planning to consume only one capsule per day, take it in the morning so it can also protect you from UV rays.

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